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About B-Uzuri

Online platform for our fitness and wellness journey

Self-care is a proactive unconditional way to help improve your current state and harness unlimited BEAUTY from the inside out.  The B-Uzuri platform is launched by Bidii to give black women a wholistic platform to assist in fitness and more.  Providing workouts, postpartum friendly exercises, meditation, information on diet and nutrition plus much more all aimed at the black woman's lifestyle.

B-Uzuri aims to help Black women wanting to:

  • Focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Start and improve on a fitness journey
  • Start their fitness journey from a safe pace and easy guidance
  • Improve in disciples with focus on stretching and technique
  • Explore how to have a varied, dynamic and nutritious plant-based diet from an Afro Caribbean influence
  • Seek encouragement through positive affirmations and meditations

About Bidii

BIDII is dedicated to educating the African Caribbean community on matters of health and well-being to stimulate our collective prosperity.

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This app is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a trusted health advisor with any questions you may have regarding any specific medical conditions

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